Back-to-School Giveaway Winner!!

First off, a huge thank you to everyone that participated in my Back-to-School giveaway. The response was tremendous and I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the items I chose. Thanks to all of you, I finally hit 5000 subscribers (now closer to 7000!)! It’s been so amazing! If you haven’t checked out my 5000 subscriber giveaway video you should!

Before we get on to the winner I just wanted to share how we do things on my channel when it comes to giveaways… I know many people subscribe, and then unsubscribe if they don’t win. That doesn’t fly on my channel. I like for the winners to be people that are genuinely interested in being a part of this community. Anyone caught doing this will be blacklisted from all future giveaways. I spend a lot of money on these giveaways so it really bothers me when it’s not appreciated. Hopefully you guys understand why I do this, my OG crew understands because we’ve talked about this before.

Now on to the fun part…

In case you forgot, here’s what was up for grabs in my back-to-school giveaway:IMG_7663

The randomly drawn winner is…


Gabriela_Rodriguez! I will be reaching out to her to get her information and she will have 24 hours from when I reach out to get back to me. I have chosen additional names in case she doesn’t respond within 24 hours and/or if she’s not located in the USA. So stay tuned because you might be one of those names!

Additionally, not a lot of people have entered my Lorac Pro Palette 3 giveaway so if you’re interested enter!

Thanks again for all the love any support. xoxo

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  1. Marlene at 2:52 pm

    Congrats to Gabriela the winner!! That’s a huge giveaway!!! Thank you Alina for always making each giveaway special and fair to all!!!

  2. Gabriela Rodriguez at 3:09 pm

    OMG!!! Thank you so so so so much I really do appreciate this, it helps me put so much! I saw you replied to my comment on youtube I’m using my phone so I’m having trouble finding it to reply to you with my email, I hope replying to you here is okay if not I will go on my computer as soon as I get home and keep looking (: My email is

  3. Jana Williams at 3:43 pm

    Congrats Gabriela…I Know You Will Absolutely Love Everything b/c it All Looks Just Amazing! Thanks Again Alina for the Chance, it Was Fun! Have a Blessed Day Guys! – Jana

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